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Words Out West
Season 2 Launch Party

West Side Theater
Missoula, Montana
Sunday, May 15, 2022

More details at

WOW S2 WestSide 24 Sep Circles 5-15-2022.jpg
WOW FB mix pix promo.jpg
WOW S2 WestSide 17 MC Teresa 5-15-2022.jpg
WOW S2 WestSide 19 Mark Gibbons 5-15-2022.jpg
WOW S2 WestSide 14 David A Cates 5-15-2022.jpg
MPN PTS Pamela n Leah 4-23-2022.jpg
MPN PTS Jay 4-22-2022.jpg

Montana Playwrights Network
From Page To Stage
Playwrights Conference
at the Helena Avenue Theatre
Helena, Montana
April 22 & 23, 2022

more details at:

MPN PTS Cecilia n Jay 4-23-2022.jpg
WOW logo for Josh letter.jpg

WOW Audio Showcase
Fundraiser for the literary podcast Words Out West

The Show Room at the ZACC
(Zootown Arts Community Center)
Missoula, Montana
Friday, November 12, 2021

See more photos
on the PODCAST page.


Quickie poster 10-6-21.jpg
quickie 1 cast 10-13-2021.jpg
Q SPLAT 11 10-12-2021.jpg
Q SPLAT 2 10-12-2021.jpg
HAT cast n crew for MPN fb.jpg
FJB CAST 9-26-2021.jpg
Bards for fb.jpg

To learn more about this event go to:
Montana Playwrights Network 

Plays on Call for Wix.tif
MT Rep logo vert for Wix.jpg

Montana Repertory Theatre

presented Plays on Call

March 26-28 and April 2-4, 2021


Plays on Call was an audio production designed for an audience of one

to hear seven brand new short plays over their phone:

The Moon by Marisa Carr

performed by Kendra Mylnechuk

This is a Travel Story by Emily Feldman

performed by Jefferson White

Library of Congress Field Recording 11-26B by Tyson Gerhardt

performed by Tyson Gerhardt

Speed Therapy by Jay Kettering

performed by Rosie Ayers

The War Unseen by Nubia Monks

performed by Cyndii Johnson

Your Mother, in the Night Sky by Jen Silverman

performed by Dale Raoul

Crusades by Shannon Sivertsen

performed by Bailey Carlson

to learn more about this event go to:

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