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Friday & Saturday, March 15-16, 2024
at the Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC)

Missoula, MT

The Girl with the Ivory Ankle:

A Montana Musical

World Premiere

coming Spring of 2024

to the

Orphan Girl Children's Theatre

in Butte, Montana!

Book: Jay Kettering

Music: Fred Crase

Lyrics: Gwen McKenna

It's the summer of 1919, and Alice Greenough, a teenage spitfire raised near Red Lodge, Montana, is on her way to her first rodeo competition in Forsyth.

Rolling across the Big Sky state via steam locomotive, this musical comedy is fun for the whole family.

Come ride along as our heroine, who wears her smile like her hat—big and wide—can't help but talk to all the strangers she meets on the train, a veritable who's-who list of famous Montanans including a ruthless copper king, a dedicated suffragette, and the Helena ranch hand with the movie-star looks.

Her dad always kids that "she has more nerve than brains." Maybe that's because her idea of fun is riding buckin' broncs named Whirlwind, Lightning, and Bone Crusher.

And Alice will need that 'iron will' she's known for because this train ride will prove every bit as exciting and challenging as sticking to the 1,200 pounds of buckin', snortin', and kickin' muscle that's waiting to greet her on the other side of the state.

But before she even reaches her destination, this ride on the rails opens her mind to a bigger world than she ever imagined.

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