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Actors, artists, directors, writers, and musicians. What else do you need?

Television Blues

BoxFest Detroit 2019

Director Kennikki Jones-Jones with actors Malachi Lee and Breon Canady

The Vorbit Incident

Montana Actors' Theatre

Havre, MT 2019

Clayton Twombly and Marybeth Blankenship

The Position of Mona and Vi

(recorded at Montana Public Radio for Words Out West 2020)

David Mills-Low, Rosie Ayers,

and Robin Rose

The Vorbit Incident

(staged reading: Missoula Colony 2018)

Montana Repertory Theatre

Tyler Nielson and Zach French

The Church of Pancakes

(Episode #3: Notes From the Huntley Project,

original production by Montana Public Radio 2014)

Public Radio Exchange

Cody Hyslop, Teresa Waldorf, Reid Reimers, Anne-Marie Williams, and David Mills-Low

Missoula Colony 2012

Gwen McKenna and Lisa Marie Hyslop


(rehearsal for video production, Missoula 2017

You Tube channel: Zoola Playground

Kyle McAfee and Nathan Adkins

Notes From the Huntley Project

(recorded original music for Jay's audio play trilogy at Montana Public Radio for Words Out West 2019)

Vic Stampley, Beth Cavaliere, Joey Cregg, and Joe Bauch

Raised in the Saddle

Montana Repertory Theatre's

Educational Outreach Tour 2017

Nathan Snow and Elizabeth Bennett

Floating to the M

(rehearsal for staged reading at

the Missoula Colony 2012)

Steve Hodgson and David Ackroyd

Writing Wild: The Adventures

of Jack London

Montana Repertory Theatre's

Educational Outreach Tour 2011

Cody Hyslop

Jay at work or play?

An Unladylike Battle for Survival

in the Sunnyside Library

Montana Repertory Theatre's

Educational Outreach Tour 2012

Kristen Moriarty and Ryan luwe

Zoola Writers circa 2012: Cathy Capps, Kate Morris, Jay Kettering, Josh Wagner,

Anita Vatshell, Rita Barkey, and Shaun Gant

Greg Johnson and Gwen McKenna

Missoula Colony circa 2007

Zoola Writers circa 2022:

Joan Melcher, Jay Kettering, Leah Joki, Rita Barkey, Cathy Capps, and Shaun Gant

Flotsam, Jetsam and Bill

The Theatre of Western Springs New Plays Workshop 2015

Tim Feeney and Tristan Collins

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