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Boxfest 8-24-2019 Kennikki Malachi Breon

BoxFest Detroit 2019 (Television Blues):

Director Kennikki Jones-Jones with actors

Malachi Lee and Breon Canady

Vorbirt Colony reading 6-10-2018.jpg

Missoula Colony (The Vorbit Incident):

Tyler Nielson and Zach French

Vorbit HDN SnA.jpg

Montana Actors' Theatre (The Vorbit Incident): actors Clayton Twombly

and Marybeth Blankenship

Mona cast.jpg

Voice actors (The Position of Mona and Vi):

David Mills-Low, Rosie Ayers,

and Robin Rose

Hear this story now at:

Rebecca Oradio.jpg

Radio ad recording: Rebecca Schaffer

Pancake 5.jpg

Montana Public Radio (The Church of Pancakes): Cody Hyslop, Teresa Waldorf, Reid Reimers,

Ann-Marie Williams, and David Mills-Low

Hear this radio play now at:

Gwen n Lisa Marie.jpg

Missoula Colony: Gwen McKenna

and Lisa Marie Hyslop

Shootman Kyle n Nathan2.jpg

Rehearsal (Shootman): Kyle McAfee and Nathan Adkins

Watch this play now on Youtube at: Zoola Playground.

Church band two 2-24-2018.jpg

MT Rep's Ed Out Tour (Raised in the Saddle): Nathan Snow and Elizabeth Bennett

Montana Public Radio:

(Notes from the Huntley Project):

Vic Stampley, Beth Cavaliere,

Joey Cregg, and Joe Bauch

Hear this radio play trilogy now at:

Cody in Jack London.jpg

MT Rep's Ed Out Tour

(Writing Wild: The Adventures of Jack London): Cody Hyslop

Big Idea Zack n Howard.jpg

(What's the Big Idea, Inc.):

Zach French and Howard Kingston

Ann Peacock Meaty Gourmet.jpg

(The Meaty Gourmet): Ann Peacock

MPN vid shoot2 grp 11-21-2020.jpg
Colony 17 2012  Steve Hodgson David Ackr

Missoula Colony rehearsal (Floating to the M): Steve Hodgson and David Ackroyd

Sunnyside actors.jpg

MT Rep's Ed Out Tour

(An Unladylike Battle for Survival in the Sunnyside Library):

Kristen Moriarty and Ryan Luwe

greg n gwen.jpg

Missoula Colony: Greg Johnson

and Gwen McKenna

Beth Judy for WOW.jpg

Beth Judy reading for the
podcast Words Out West
Hear Beth now at:

The brand new Helena Avenue Theatre
waiting for an audience

I know it's been hard to tell comedy from tragedy during the pandemic, but hang in there theatre-lovers, the stage awaits!