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Actors, artists, directors, writers, and musicians. What else do you need?

Boxfest 8-24-2019 Kennikki Malachi Breon

BoxFest Detroit 2019 (Television Blues):

Director Kennikki Jones-Jones with actors

Malachi Lee and Breon Canady

Vorbirt Colony reading 6-10-2018.jpg

Missoula Colony (The Vorbit Incident):

Tyler Nielson and Zach French

Vorbit HDN SnA.jpg

Montana Actors' Theatre (The Vorbit Incident): actors Clayton Twombly

and Marybeth Blankenship

Mona cast.jpg

Voice actors (The Position of Mona and Vi):

David Mills-Low, Rosie Ayers,

and Robin Rose

Hear this story now at:

Rebecca Oradio.jpg

Radio ad recording: Rebecca Schaffer

Pancake 5.jpg

Montana Public Radio (The Church of Pancakes): Cody Hyslop, Teresa Waldorf, Reid Reimers,

Ann-Marie Williams, and David Mills-Low

Hear this radio play now at:

Gwen n Lisa Marie.jpg

Missoula Colony: Gwen McKenna

and Lisa Marie Hyslop

Shootman Kyle n Nathan2.jpg

Rehearsal (Shootman): Kyle McAfee and Nathan Adkins

Watch this play now on Youtube at: Zoola Playground.

Church band two 2-24-2018.jpg
RITS pic powder monkey and Alice.jpg

MT Rep's Ed Out Tour (Raised in the Saddle): Nathan Snow and Elizabeth Bennett

Montana Public Radio:

(Notes from the Huntley Project):

Vic Stampley, Beth Cavaliere,

Joey Cregg, and Joe Bauch

Hear this radio play trilogy now at:

Cody in Jack London.jpg

MT Rep's Ed Out Tour

(Writing Wild: The Adventures of Jack London): Cody Hyslop

Big Idea Zack n Howard.jpg

(What's the Big Idea, Inc.):

Zach French and Howard Kingston

Ann Peacock Meaty Gourmet.jpg

(The Meaty Gourmet): Ann Peacock

HAT rehearse 8-9-2021 Sue Brian M.jpg
Colony 17 2012  Steve Hodgson David Ackr

Missoula Colony rehearsal (Floating to the M): Steve Hodgson and David Ackroyd

Sunnyside actors.jpg

MT Rep's Ed Out Tour

(An Unladylike Battle for Survival in the Sunnyside Library):

Kristen Moriarty and Ryan Luwe

greg n gwen.jpg

Missoula Colony: Greg Johnson

and Gwen McKenna

Beth Judy for WOW.jpg

Beth Judy reading for the
podcast Words Out West
Hear Beth now at:

Sue Faulk and Brian Massman rehearse
Flotsam, Jetsam and Bill
at the brand new Helena Avenue Theatre


HAT Jay w cast of FJB 9-26-2021.jpg
HAT PROMO FB 9-17-2021.jpg

Brian Massman and musician John Hosking
Bards of the Big Sky
Helena Avenue Theatre


Cast of Flotsam, Jetsam and Bill:
(L to R) Silas Easterling, Tony Schaan, Jay Kettering (playwright), Brian Massman, Bailey Osborne
and April Kortz 
Helena Avenue Theatre


Q SPLAT 14 10-12-2021.jpg
Q bow 10-16-2021.jpg

Maisie Gospodarek and Jim Thomas rehearse People Who Want To Go Splat
as part of Zoola Writers'
Time for a Quickie! evening of short plays

Cast and crew of Time for a Quickie! receive a standing ovation at the Zootown Arts Community Center 10-16-2021
(L to R): Maisie Gospodarek, Craig Menteer, Nathan Adkins, Jim Thomas, Carrie Collier and Fiona Harris

WOW UM 1 writers 5-10-2022.jpg
WOW 1 C C ALICK n Cole 4-28-2022.jpg

Words Out West podcast recording session with Claude Alick (left) and Cole Grant

Words Out West podcast recording session
with (L to R) Jade Taylor, Robert Stubblefield,
Cass Sissel and Donna Arganbright

ZWs 9-4-2022.jpg

Jay Kettering (front) with his writing group the Zoola Writers (L to R) Joan Melcher, Leah Joki, Rita Barkey, Cathy Capps and Shaun Gant

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