stage plays

Paul Allen (on violin) with Jasmine Sherman

and Nathan Adkins . . . 

and Craig Menteer (on drums) performing a reading of the radio play Cacophony.


a live reading of

Jay Kettering's ten-minute

radio play

part of

WOW Audio Showcase

A fundraiser for the literary and non-profit podcast

Words Out West


at the Zootown Arts

Community Center

Missoula, Montana

November 12, 2021

Cole Grant and Jay Kettering thank their partner Montana Public Radio and all the sponsors of the event.

People Who Want To Go Splat

a ten-minute play

by Jay Kettering

October 14-16, 2021

part of

Time for a Quickie!

at the Zootown Arts

Community Center

Missoula, Montana

Q SPLAT 3 10-12-2021.jpg

Maisie Gospodarek and

Jim Thomas rehearsing

for People Who Want To Go Splat

Q SPLAT 2 10-12-2021.jpg

Jasmine Sherman and

Maisie Gospodarek rehearsing

for People Who Want To Go Splat

Quickie poster 10-6-21.jpg
quickie 1 cast 10-13-2021.jpg

Cast and crew of Time for a Quickie!

(L to R): Craig Menteer, Carrie Collier, Jasmine Sherman, Nathan Adkins, Maisie Gospodarek, Fiona Harris and Jim Thomas

FJB CAST 9-26-2021.jpg

Cast of Flotsam, Jetsam and Bill

with director Pamela Jamruszka Mencher (back center)

(L to R): Silas Easterling, Tony Schaan, Brian Massman, Bailey Osborne and April Kortz

HAT program cover 9-16-2021.jpg

Flotsam, Jetsam and Bill

a one-act dark comedy

by Jay Kettering

September 16-19 & 23-26, 2021

part of Bards of the Big Sky

at the Helena Avenue Theatre

Helena, Montana

presented in conjunction with

the Montana Playwrights Network

HAT cast n crew for MPN fb.jpg

Cast and crew of Bards of the Big Sky

HAT rehearse 8-9-2021 Brian M.jpg

Brian Massman rehearsing

for Flotsam, Jetsam and Bill

vorbit poster Oct 2019.jpg

Montana Actors' Theatre

MSU-Northern Campus

Havre, Montana


The Vorbit Incident

a full-length dark comedy

by Jay Kettering

Montana Actors' Theatre

October 11-13 & 17-19, 2019

presented in conjunction with

the Montana Playwrights Network

Vorbit Dogma church.jpg

Mark Cichosz and Clayton Twombly

TV Blues .jpg
BoxFest logo for fb.jpg

Breon Canady in Television Blues

Television Blues

a short play by

Jay Kettering

was part of the fun at the

2019 festival and was directed by

Kennikki Jones-Jones

BoxFest Detroit 2019

August 16-24, 2019

BoxFest Detroit is an annual festival that showcases and creates opportunities for female-identifying directors.

Hosted by Planet Ant Theatre

Hamtramck, Michigan

RITS poster bnw.jpg

Raised in the Saddle:

The Phantasmagorical Journey

of a Future Rodeo Queen

It's the summer of 1919, and Alice Greenough, a teenage spitfire raised near Red Lodge, Montana, is on her way to her first rodeo competition in Forsyth.

Rolling across the Big Sky state via steam locomotive, Alice, who wears her smile like her hat—big and wide—can't help talking to the strangers she meets on the train, a who's-who list of famous Montanans including a ruthless copper king, a dedicated suffragette, and the Helena ranch hand with the movie-star looks.

Her dad always kids that "she has more nerve than brains." Maybe that's because her idea of fun is riding buckin' broncs named Whirlwind, Lightning, and Bone Crusher.

And Alice will need that 'iron will' she's known for because this train ride will prove every bit as exciting and challenging as sticking to the 1,200 pounds of buckin', snortin', and kickin' muscle that's waiting to greet her at her first rodeo competition!

An Unladylike Battle for Survival in the Sunnyside Library

There’s a new librarian in town by the name of Kerosene Kevin and he’s brought with him a novel idea—books are for burning, not reading. Fortunately, during this 50-minute play, you’ll see that some of those living on the shelves of Sunnyside have decided to fight back. After a narrow escape from the clutches of Kevin (and only first-degree burns), Jane Eyre has appealed to the Shelf People, but she’s only been able to recruit a small ragtag army. Among her troops are Esperanza Cordero, a young girl from the Latino section of Chicago; a spirited and beautiful Sioux warrior called Red Dress; and a literate spider named Charlotte. Together, they devise a plan to put a damper on Kevin’s burning desire. A life and death struggle has begun. Will the stories of these literary heroines continue to be told, or will they be snuffed out in flames? Stay tuned!


Writing Wild:

The Adventures of Jack London

With hair bristling, mouth foaming and a mad glitter in his bloodshot eyes, Jack London sprang into the twentieth century and grabbed the complacent reader of saccharine words by the jugular. Ready or not, he sailed us out to the open sea, he carried us on his back through mile after mile of white wasteland, and with frozen fingers and a single match, he lit a fire where no other man could light one—and in our collective imagination, that fire still burns bright. Come hear French Frank, the gritty oyster pirate, Wolf Larsen, the demon captain of the Ghost, Broken-backed Ben, the philosophical hobo, and others, sharing the tales of America’s greatest storyteller. You’ll feel the fangs bite deep as you adventure along with the boy who by age fifteen already looked on the world through the eyes of the wolf.