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radio ads

On this page, you'll find random radio spots I wrote for the Bell Pipe and Tobacco Shop in Missoula, Montana.

The campaign revolves around Otis, the actual proprietor of the pipe shop, played by himself.

Hear the sage but grumpy Otis interact with a wide array of characters voiced by local Missoula actors.

(L to R): Denny Bedard, Cody Hyslop, Salina Chatlain, Otis,
and the late great Justin Fatz.

bell 30 otis song apr2022
00:00 / 00:30

The Otis Song:
featuring Maisie Gospodarek and Jasmine Sherman

O RADIO Maisie Jasmine 3-25-2022.jpg
O RADIO Otis Nathan 3-25-2022.jpg
bell 30 tradition apr2022
00:00 / 00:29

featuring Nathan Adkins

O RADIO Otis Denny 3-25-2022.jpg
bell 30 otis on bdwy apr2022
00:00 / 00:30

Otis on Broadway:
featuring Colin Merrick and
Jasmine Sherman

O RADIO Jasmine Otis 3-25-2022.jpg
bell 30 mystery mask apr2022
00:00 / 00:30

Mystery Mask:
featuring Jasmine Sherman

bell 30 ode to otis apr2022
00:00 / 00:30

An Ode to Otis:
featuring Jasmine Sherman and
Maisie Gospodarek

O RADIO Maisie Otis 3-25-2022.jpg
bell 60 seegar wizard apr2022
00:00 / 00:59

See-Gar Wizard:
featuring Nathan Adkins and
Maisie Gospodarek

O RADIO Denny Otis 3-25-2022.jpg
bell 60 razzmatazz apr2022
00:00 / 01:00

featuring Nathan Adkins and
Maisie Gospodarek

Otis T-shirt.jpg
bell 60 sound of grunting apr2022
00:00 / 00:59

The Sound of Grunting:
featuring Nathan Adkins and
Maisie Gospodarek

Otis ashtray.jpg
bell 60 nature emotional mar 2021
00:00 / 00:59

The Nature of Attraction:
featuring Salina Chatlain

Emotional Girl:
featuring Rebecca Schaffer

G7 radio 30 Life Story
00:00 / 00:31

Life Story:
featuring Nathan Adkins

OTIS do gooder
00:00 / 01:03

Jolly Do-Gooder:
featuring Adryan Miller-Gorder

Otis where ya going
00:00 / 01:00

Where ya goin':
featuring Cody Hyslop and Salina Chatlain

M2 radio Lot o Cigars
00:00 / 01:00

That's A Lot of Cigars:
featuring Mike Verdon and Tabatha Joy Bettin

Otis new sexy
00:00 / 00:31

New Sexy:
featuring Rebecca Schaffer

Bike Friendly:
featuring Paul Ronaldo

bell pipe bike friendly 30 oct2015
00:00 / 00:32
G1 radio 60 Gruntology
00:00 / 01:01

featuring Jim Dredger and Ann Peacock

O Citizen Journalist 60
00:00 / 01:01

Citizen Journalist:
featuring David Mills-Low and Rebecca Schaffer

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