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Words Out West 

Bringing you original writings from the Rocky Mountains and beyond


A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, the literary podcast Words Out West launched in February 2021, and was created by Cole Grant and Jay Kettering, in partnership with Montana Public Radio (MTPR)

Spotlighting both established and emerging writers from Montana and the western U.S., Words Out West offers listeners a wide range of literary forms, genres, and styles. In each episode, our talented writers present poems, fiction, nonfiction, radio plays, songs, and other modes of verbal expression.

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Logo illustration by Steve Fanelli


Montana's Poet Laureate (2011-2013) Sheryl Noethe reading from

Grey Dog Big Sky

WOW EP PIC Cole n Chris Sand.JPG

Montana Public Radio:

Cole Grant records singer, songwriter, poet, Chris Sand


Montana Poet Laureate (2021 - 2023)

Mark Gibbons

Our goal is to bring to our listeners distinctive stories and fresh perspectives as we celebrate the tradition of writing in the West.

We have built a wide listenership across the West, which we only hope to grow in 2023.

Due to the generosity of our contributing writers, our listeners, donors, and sponsors—we have produced two seasons so far, for a total of 32 episodes, with more than 14,000 downloads to date.

Currently, we are in fundraising mode to pay for upcoming production costs, and hope to launch Season 3 in the Fall of 2023 or early winter 2024.


You can help our cause by going to the DONATE page on our website. THANK YOU!


2-8-2021: Puzzles of Human Relationships


                  Kevin Canty, Shaun Gant, David Allan Cates

2-15-2021: Pathways to Self-Discovery


                    Chris Sand, Freya Jones, Robert Lee

2-22-2021: Drinking and Addiction


                    David E. Thomas, Sheryl Noethe, Mark Gibbons


3-1-2021: Sense of Sound

                  (audio story/song/poetry)

                  Jay Kettering, Chris Sand, Robert Lee

3-8-2021: The Nature of Love via The Love of Nature 


                  Brian Laidlaw, Sarah Aronson

3-15-2021: True Love and Its Many Forms


                    Shaun Gant, Mark Gibbons, Sheryl Noethe

3-22-2021: Self-Reflection


                    David E. Thomas, Sarah Aronson, Mark Gibbons

3-29-2021: Bold Women


                    Beth Judy

4-5-2021: Searching


                   Sheryl Noethe, David E. Thomas, Sarah Aronson

4-12-2021: Grab Bag


                    Shane Wheeldon, Freya Jones, Chris Sand


4-19-2021: Fleeting Nature of Time


                    David Allan Cates, Sheryl Noethe, Robert Lee

4-26-2021: Personal Landscapes


                    Mark Gibbons, Shaun Gant, David E. Thomas

5-3-2021: A Mysterious Relationship

                  (audio story)

                  Jay Kettering

6-1-2021: The Ticking of the Clock

                   (audio play)

                   Jay Kettering


6-14-2021: Who Is My Dad?

                    (audio play)

                    Jay Kettering

6-27-2021: Love and Gunpowder

                    (audio play)

                    Jay Kettering

voice actors: Rosie Ayers

and David Mills-Low

writer Beth Judy

writer Freya Jones

writer Robert Lee


Chris Sand

singer/songwriters Caroline Keys and Nate Biehl

Cole Grant adjusts the mic for

poet Chris La Tray

writers David Allan Cates and David E. Thomas sign books at the WOW Audio Showcase fundraiser

voice actors Hamilton Clement and Az Sacry with Cole Grant and director Reid Reimers

poet Shaun Gants reads with musical backing by Cole Grant at the WOW Audio Showcase fundraiser


5-16-2022: You Hate These Roads


                    Richard Fifield 

5-23-2022: One Sentence At A Time


                    Chris La Tray 

5-30-2022: Songs in the Key of Keys


                    Caroline Keys, Nate Biehl

6-6-2022: A Meditation on Family, Caregiving, and Secrets


                  Caroline Patterson

6-13-2022: It’s all Just Noise

                    (audio play)

                    Jay Kettering

6-20-2022: In Love with Peace—Obliged to War


                    Sean Gallagher

6-27-2022: A Love Affair With Prison

                    (non-fiction memoir)

                     Leah Joki

7-4-2022: The Glitter and the Glamour

                  (spoken word/song)

                  Bobby Lee Springfield

7-11-2022: Much More Than a Bartender

                     (non-fiction dramatic reading)

                     Joan Melcher 

7-18-2022: I Don’t Understand Snow


                    Spencer Kellum

7-25-2022: Three Minds Driving


                    Fred Haefele, Chris La Tray, Chris Autio

8-1-2022: How Stealing Laundry Leads to Success

                  (audio play)

                  Greg Owens

8-8-2022: How to Write About Sex and Death and Dreams


                  Mara Panich, Margi Cates

8-15-2022: Why the Village Appears on No Map


                    C. C. Alick

8-22-2022: A Place in the Sun for Butte


                    Rob Thomas

8-29-2022: Voices from the Oval


                     Robert Stubblefield, Jade Taylor, 

                     Donna, Arganbright, Cass Sissel


11-20-2022: MTPR airing of WOW Radio Special

                      (selection of writers from Season 1 & 2)

writers Jade Taylor,

Robert Stubblefield, Cass Sissel, Donna Arganbright

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