J bird Stories

is my personal podcast site and you can find it on iTunes' podcasts by searching "jay bird comedy plays"

My radio play trilogy is now featured there, and I will be adding new stories soon.

coming soon

Words Out West 

is a literary podcast spotlighting both established and emerging writers of the contemporary West.

It was created by Cole Grant and me, and our episodes will be produced in partnership with Montana Public Radio. 

I will be posting an update here prior to our first episode going live, which we are hoping will be early summer 2020.

Logo illustration by Steve Fanelli.

Below: A few pics from W.O.W. recording sessions.

Montana's Poet Laureate (2011-2013) Sheryl Noethe reading from

Grey Dog Big Sky

Montana Public Radio:

Cole Grant records singer, songwriter, poet, Chris Sand

Missoula poet

Mark Gibbons

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