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Words Out West 

Bringing you original writings from the Rocky Mountains and beyond


The Words Out West literary podcast, launched in February 2021, was created by Cole Grant and Jay Kettering, in partnership with Montana Public Radio (MTPR)

Spotlighting both established and emerging writers from Montana and the western U.S., Words Out West offers listeners a wide range of literary forms, genres, and styles. In each episode, our talented writers present poems, fiction, nonfiction, radio plays, songs, and other modes of verbal expression.

WOW logo for Josh letter.jpg

Logo illustration by Steve Fanelli

Our goal is to bring to our listeners distinctive stories and fresh perspectives as we celebrate the tradition of writing in the West.

Words Out West is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Funding for Words Out West comes from the Prop Foundation, along with episode sponsors and from our generous listeners.

Please subscribe to our website at: or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Words Out West
Season 2

Started with our May, 16, 2022
episode release featuring Missoula novelist Richard Fifield

(being recorded by Cole Grant below)

listen now at

WOW 6 Richard Fifield 2-15-2022.jpg
WOW 1 CHRIS LA TRAY 1-25-2022.jpg

Cole Grant adjusts the mic

for poet Chris La Tray  

Season 2: Episode 2

drops May 23, 2022

WOW EP 3 pic 3 of 3 Caroline Keys n Nate Biehl.jpg


Caroline Keys and Nate Biehl

Season 2: Episode 3

drops May 30, 2022

WOW EP 4 pic 1 of 3 Caroline Patterson.jpg

Novelist Caroline Patterson


Season 2: Episode 4

drops June 6, 2022

WOW Cacophony studio Jasmine Craig.jpg

Craig Menteer (on drums) with

Jasmine Sherman recording a short audio play by

Jay Kettering

Season 2: Episode 5

drops June, 13, 2022

And just some of the many other talented voices you'll hear  from on Words Out West:


Montana's Poet Laureate (2011-2013) Sheryl Noethe reading from

Grey Dog Big Sky

WOW EP PIC Cole n Chris Sand.JPG

Montana Public Radio:

Cole Grant records singer, songwriter, poet, Chris Sand


Montana Poet Laureate (2021 - 2023)

Mark Gibbons

Words Out West
Season 2 Launch Party

West Side Theater
Missoula, Montana
Sunday, May 15, 2022

More details at

WOW S2 WestSide 6 crowd 5-15-2022.jpg
WOW S2 WestSide 2 David n Greg 5-15-2022.jpg

David Mills-Low (left)

and Greg Owens

WOW S2 WestSide 17 MC Teresa 5-15-2022.jpg

MC Teresa Waldorf

WOW S2 WestSide 9 theater ext 5-15-2022.jpg
WOW S2 WestSide 24 Sep Circles 5-15-2022.jpg

Separate Circles: Cole Grant (left) and Spencer Kellum

WOW S2 WestSide 7 Gwen n RB 5-15-2022.jpg

Gwen McKenna (left) and

Renata Birkenbuel

WOW S2 WestSide 14 David A Cates 5-15-2022.jpg

David Allan Cates

The WOW Audio Showcase

Our fundraiser at the Zootown Community Center

November 12, 2021

WOW at ZACC Chris Sand2 11-12-2021.jpg

Montana's Rappin' Cowboy Chris Sand,

our host for the evening.

WOW, it was a magical night at the ZACC!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support the wonderful authors and performers and for helping to raise money for the non-profit literary podcast Words Out West!

Another big WOW thanks to our host for the evening Chris Sand, and to the readers and performers: Joan Melcher, Freya Jones, Caroline Patterson, Shaun Gant, Cole Grant, Jasmine Sherman, Paul Allen, Nathan Adkins, Craig Menteer, Chris La Tray, and Spencer Kellum!

And to Mara and Bryn at Fact & Fiction and our book signers (not on stage): Sarah Aronson, David Allan Cates, Beth Judy and David E. Thomas!

Special thanks to Mikyla, Chris and Noel at the ZACC and to our WOW volunteers Renata Birkenbuel, Paula Goldberg and Leah Joki!

Words Out West

of course has much gratitude for

its production partner, Montana Public Radio;

its event partner, Zootown Arts Community Center;

its episode sponsors, Mountain Press Publishing Co., Murphy-Jubb Fine Arts, and Bell Pipe & Tobacco;

its event sponsors, Rockin' Rudy's, Fact & Fiction Books, Gallery 709 (Montana Art and Framing),

Shakespeare & Company, Montana Book Company, and Bernice's Bakery; and many individual contributors.

WOW at ZACC Shaun Gant w Cole Grant 11-12-2021.jpg

Shaun Gant reads poems, backed by Cole Grant on keyboards.

Chris La Tray reading

some of his recent poems.

Writers David Allan Cates and David E. Thomas sign books during intermission.

Paul Allen (on violin) with Jasmine Sherman, Nathan Adkins and Craig Menteer (obstructed view, on drums) perform a reading of Cacophony,

a radio play by Jay Kettering.

Book signing in the lobby of the

Zootown Arts Community Center.

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